2017 Year End Review





2017 Year End Review

As we finish another year we wanted to again express our gratefulness to you for allowing us to work with you on your Financial Planning!

Once again, we have ended the year with the markets at all-time highs.  The Dow, as of this writing, is at 24,780 and the S&P 500 at 2,685.  That is extraordinary!!

The thing is, all our research shows this continuing into 2018.  One economist that we greatly admire predicts the Dow at 28,500 and the S&P 500 at 3,100 by the end of 2018!  That’s another almost 15% increase.

Attached is a video explaining their findings.  Bottom line, both the economy and the markets are still poised for growth.

Click here to watch the latest Wesbury 101 Video

We are all holding our breath to see what will be in the new tax bill.  We will watch it closely and be sure to notify you of any changes that will affect you.

Happy New Year!!

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